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Week 7: Friday 25th June 2010 - Rio eliminated

The 7 finalists performed live. The public voted for their favourite with the contestant who received the least votes being eliminated.

The judges have the power to save an eliminated contestant if they choose, they can only use this power once.

Contestant Position Theme:
Citra Top 4 "Lagu Cinta" (Dewa)
Gilang 5th or 6th "Cinta 'Kan Membawamu Kembali" (Dewa/Reza Artamevia)
Igo Top 4 "Pupus" (Dewa)
Ray Top 4 "Laskar Cinta" (Dewa 19)
Rio 7th "Munajat Cinta" (The Rock Indonesia)
Tesa 5th or 6th "Cinta Mati" (Agnes Monica Ft. Ahmad Dhani)
Windra Top 4 "Risalah Hati" (Dewa)

Rio received the least votes and is the eighth contestant to be eliminated from Indonesian Idol 6. The judges chose not to use their power to save.


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