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Show 13, Thursday 13th May 2010: Rupert eliminated


Contestant Number Voted to eliminate
Yin Yang Tribe
Colby 0 Sandra
Jerri 0 Rupert
Parvati Immune Rupert
Rupert 4 Sandra
Russell 0 Rupert
Sandra 2 Rupert
The Jury
Amanda - -
Candice - -
Coach - -
Courtney - -
Danielle - -
JT - -

• Parvati won the individual immunity challenge and is immune from the next elimination.

• Sandra played her hidden immunity idol meaning that all votes cast for her were voided.

• Day 36: Rupert received the most votes and is the 15th contestant to be eliminated by 4-0 votes and the 7th member of the jury.


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