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Day 16, Thursday 20th May 2010: Nerea eliminated


The public have been voting for who they want to eliminate out of last weeks nominees.

Nerea received the most votes and is the third contestant to be eliminated from Supervivientes 11 Spain.


Day 16, Thursday 20th May 2010: Beatriz G & María-José nominated

Beatriz G María-José

Contestant Number Nomination
Celebrity Tribe
Beatriz T Immune Beatriz G
Carla Immune Deborah
Guillermo Immune Miguel
Javier Immune Deborah
Mireia Immune Beatriz G
Óscar Immune Miguel
Perdi Immune María-José
Rafa Immune María-José
Non-Celebrity Tribe
Beatriz G 8 María-José
Deborah 2 Beatriz G
María-José 3 Beatriz G
Miguel 2 Beatriz G
Parri 0 Beatriz G
Román 0 Beatriz G
Víctor 0 Beatriz G

• Beatriz G moved from the Celebrity Tribe to the Non-Celebrity Tribe.

• The Celebrity Tribe won the immunity challenge and are immune from the next elimination.

• Beatriz G (8 nominations) and María-José (3) received the most nominations and are up for elimination this week.

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