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Koh-Lanta, Le Choc Des Héros France: News

The Final - Show 9, Friday 21st May 2010: Grégoire wins

Linda Coumba

Day 19: The contestants competed in an elimination challenge. Linda lost the challenge and is the tenth contestant to be eliminated and the sixth member of the jury. Coumba finished second from last and is the eleventh contestant to be eliminated and the seventh member of the jury.


Contestant Number Voted to eliminate
Merged Tribe
Christophe 1 -
Freddy 0 -
Grégoire Immune Christophe
The Jury
Christina - -
Coumba - -
Djamel - -
Frédérique - -
Linda - -
Myriam - -
Taïg - -

• Grégoire won the individual immunity challenge as is immune at the final Tribal Council and through to the final two.

• Day 20: At tribal council, Christophe is the twelfth Survivor to be eliminated by 1-0 votes and the eighth member of the jury.

• Freddy joins Grégoire in the final two.

Grégoire - Winner Freddy - runner-up

Contestant Number Voted to win
Merged Tribe
Freddy 2 -
Grégoire 6 -
The Jury
Christina - Freddy
Christophe - Grégoire
Coumba - Grégoire
Djamel - Freddy
Frédérique - Grégoire
Linda - Grégoire
Myriam - Grégoire
Taïg - Grégoire

Grégoire is the winner of Koh-Lanta Le Choc Des Héros France by 6-2 votes and wins the prize of €100,000. Freddy is the runner-up.

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