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Les Colocataires 1 France

Start Date   7th April 2004
End Date   9th June 2004
Duration   64 days
The Prize   €150,000 + 3 years rent (€1,500 per month)
Broadcaster   M6
Main Presenter   Fred Courtadon
Official Website   No longer online
The Title   Les Colocataires means The Roommates
The Winner 1 Sébastien
Other Contestants 15 Badice, Carole, Dijane, Elodie, François, Gia, Gilles, Jessyca, Ludovic, Mathieu, Michel, Morgane, Nadia, Nordine & Vanessa
Voluntary Exits 0  
Ejected Contestants 0  
Note   The girls lived in the red areas on the below plan and the boys lived in the blue areas. The patio was shared by both genders.

House Plan