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Day 20, Friday 2nd April 2010: Ivan and Nemanja nominated

Ivan Nemanja

Nominations Round 3
Contestant Number Nomination
Dejan - Nemanja
Firči - Nemanja
Gagi - Nemanja
Ivan - Nemanja
Maca - Nemanja
Maja - Nemanja
Marija - Nemanja
Milena - Zorica
Miloš Immune Nemanja
Mirjana - Nemanja
Nemanja 10 -
Nikola - Zorica
Raka - Nemanja
Zorica 2 -

Day 15, Sunday 28th March 2010
Miloš was chosen to be the Farm leader by evicted contestant Irena and is immune from the next eviction.

Day 16, Monday 29th March 2010
Nemanja and Zorica were chosen by Farm leader Miloš to be up for nomination.
Three new contestants, Biljana, Milica and Vlada entered the Farm.

Day 20, Friday 2nd April 2010
Nemanja received the most constestant votes with 10 and is the first nominee.
The public voted for who should be the second nominee and Ivan received the most votes (percentages not known)

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