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Bar Logo Contestants Nominations
/ Evictions
Who Voted Who
el BAR TV 1 Argentina    
el BAR TV 2 Argentina    
Coffee Shop 1 Cambodia    
Bar 1 Croatia    
Bar 1 Czech Republic    
Baren 1 Denmark    
Baren 2 Denmark    
Baar 1 Estonia    
Baar 2 Estonia    
Baari 1 Finland    
GeoBar 1 Georgia    
GeoBar 2 Georgia    
GeoBar 3 Georgia    
GeoBar 4 Georgia    
Bar 1 Greece    
Bar 2 Greece    
Bar 1 Hungary    
Bar 2 Hungary    
Bar 1 Latvia    
Baras 1 Lithuania    
Baras 2 Lithuania    
Baras 3 Lithuania    
El Bar 1 Mexico    
Bar 1 Netherlands    
Bar 1 Norway    
Bar 2 Norway    
Bar 1 Poland    
Bar 2 Poland    
Bar 3 Poland    
Bar 4 Poland    
Bar 5 Poland    
Bar 6 Poland    
Bar 1 Portugal    
Bar 1 Slovenia    
Bar 2 Slovenia    
Bar 1 Sweden    
Bar 2 Sweden    
Bar 3 Sweden    
Bar 4 Sweden    
Bar 5 Sweden    
Die Bar 1 Switzerland    

Boxes in Green = Details are on this site
Boxes in Cyan = Some or most details on this site, but incomplete
Boxes in Red = Details required
Boxes in Yellow = Details obtained, to be added shortly

My aim is to turn all the boxes to green. However I can't do this without your help.

If you have any of the following information for the areas in red or cyan, I would love to hear from you:-

Contestants: Pictures and profile details of contestants.
Logo: Pictues of the logos for the editions shown in red.
Nominations/Evictions: Details of who was up for eviction and the results with percentages.
Who voted who: Details of who voted who for any missing rounds of plus/minus nominations.
Statistics: Any facts, figures, records, statistics etc. for the stats page.
Contestants AtoZ: Full names of Housemates where I only currently have the first name.

Also, if you see anything on the site that you believe or know to be inaccurate, please let me know and I will correct it. Every effort is made to ensure the information on this site is accurate, however as I am relying partly on historical information, visitor contributions and foreign language websites some errors may have been made.

The site E Mail address is The link to this E Mail address can be found at the top of every screen labelled Contact Webmaster. I will credit you as the source if you wish, please say in the e mail the name you wish to be credited as.