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Day 43, Sunday 30th October 2011: Natalia evicted

Natalia evicted

Natalia received the highest net percentage with 5% and is the fifth Housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 1 Ukraine.

The public voted for which nominee they want to be evicted and/or to be saved. The percentages are then calculated for each nominees evict and save votes. The evict percentages are deducted from the save percentages to give a net percentage. The Housemate with the largest net percentage is evicted.

Note: Here on the World of Big Brother website when a country has duel evict/save voting, we show the evict votes as + and the save votes as -. This is because in the early days of Big Brother, evict voting was the standard.

Natalia evicted Natalia evicted

Day 43, Sunday 30th October 2011: Nazar and Taras enter


Identical twins Nazar and Taras have entered the House. One is in the main House and the other in a secret room. They must swap places at various times without the other Housemates realising they are two different people.

Day 43, Sunday 30th October 2011: Spartak vote


Spartak voluntarily left the House on day 39. He has informed the producers that he made a mistake and would like to return to the House as a full Housemate.

The public are voting on if he should return or not.

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