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Start Date: 30th May 2007
End Date: 31st August 2007

Duration: 94 days

The Finalists: 7(6*) - Brian (The Winner), Amanda/Sam* (Runner-up), Liam (3rd), Ziggy (4th), Carole (5th) & Jonty (6th)

Evicted Housemates: 12 - Amy, Billi, Charley, David, Gerry, Kara-Louise, Laura, Nicky, Seány, Shabnam, Shanessa & Tracey

Voluntary Exits: 3 - Chanelle, Jonathan & Lesley

Ejected Housemates: 1 - Emily

Note: * Amanda and Sam are twin sisters, they competed as 2 separate Housemates until Day 68. At this point they chose to be classed as a single Housemate.