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Big Brother: Deceased

A list of Big Brother Housemates
who have since passed away
Housemate Name Edition Date of Death Age Cause of Death
Theo van GoghBB VIP1 Netherlands02/11/200447Murdered
TKCBB1 South Africa27/02/200627Overdose
Gustavo José FernándezGH4 Spain30/06/200629Train accident
John BlankensteinBB VIP1 Netherlands25/08/200657Kidney desease
Edilson BubaBB4 Brazil20/11/200634Cancer
Ronny FurnesBB3 Norway30/05/200737Drowned
Bill FlynnCBB1 South Africa11/07/200758Heart Attack
Gordon SloanBB1 Australia12/09/200734Suspected drugs
Anna BaranowskaBB1 Poland22/10/200744Murdered
Elmir KuduzovićVB2 Serbia28/12/200726Car accident
Stevan ZečevićVB2 Serbia28/12/200724Car accident
Zorica LazićVB2 Serbia28/12/200724Car accident
Samuel AronssonBB2 Norway/Sweden10/07/200827Suicide (Hanging)
Jade GoodyBB3 UK, BB Panto UK,
CBB5 UK, CBB2 India
Filip KapisodaVB VIP3 Serbia16/03/201022Suicide
Adriana XenidesCBB1 Australia07/06/201054Ruptured intestine
Pietro TariconeGF1 Italy29/06/201035Parachuting accident
Cora BergerBB10 Germany20/01/201121Failed breast
enlargement surgery
Rebekah JohanssonBB4 Sweden23/02/201130Suicide
André De AlmeidaBB9 Brazil01/06/201137Murdered (shot)
François-Xavier LeuridanSS3(5) France09/08/201122Suicide
Isabelle GuillaumeSS2(4) France18/08/201130Ruptured aneurysm
Ken RussellCBB5 UK27/11/201184Natural causes
Dim Stoyanov DukovVIP 1 Bulgaria28/02/201247Stomach surgery
Sophia BrownBB10 UK1?/05/201230Lupus complications
Sanna RedsäterBB5 Sweden??/01/201325Unknown
(possible suicide)
Goldie (Susan Harvey)BB7 Africa14/02/201329Hypertensive heart disease
Karla ÁlvarezBB VIP2 Mexico15/11/201341Anorexia/Bulimia
The date is in day/month/year format.