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Gran Hermano 9 Spain

Start Date: 9th September 2007
End Date: 27th December 2007

Duration: 110 days

Prize: €300,000 Euro

The Finalists: 4 - Judit (The Winner), Rosa (Runner-up), Rodrigo (3rd) & Oliver (4th)

Evicted Housemates: 10(13*) - Agustín, Andalla, Ángela, Aramoga, Eneko, Karen(*), Lucy, Melania, Paula(*) & Piero

Voluntary Exits: 5 - Amor(*), Dadi, David, Mayte & Rebeca

NOTE: Rosa is the name identical twins Conchi & Pamela are known as. They play as a single Housemate.

(*) = Karen and Paula were evicted twice. Amor was evicted and voluntarily exited.