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Big Brother 1 Norway/Sweden: Nominations

The Start: 18 Housemates enter the houses.

Day 1, 29th January 2005:
Initially the Housemates were split into two different houses, one containing Swedish Housemates, the other containing Norwegian Housemates.

Norway: Anders, Laila, Carl Federik, Patrick, Kristian, Line, Örjan, Therese, Beate
Sweden: Sebastian, Cipi, Alecko, Tina, Jozephine, Hannah, Klas, Dennis, Elita

Round 1: Carl Federik, Örjan, Alecko & Elita nominated

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination 3rd Nomination
Anders Captain Carl Federik Line Örjan
Beate 0
Carl Federik 1
Kristian 0
Laila 0
Line 1
Örjan 1
Patrick 0
Therese 0
Alecko 1
Dennis 1
Elita 1
Hannah 0
Jozephine 0
Klas 0
Sebastian Captain Alecko Dennis Elita
Tina 0

Day 4, 1st February 2005:
Cipi voluntarily leaves the House.
Nurcan enters the Sweden House as Cipi's replacement.
This week the House Captains nominated 3 members of their own House.
Norway: Carl Federik, Line & Örjan are nominated.
Sweden: Alecko, Dennis & Elita are nominated.

Day 5, 2nd February 2005:
Dennis and Line won immunity from eviction in a competition.
Dennis moved to the Norway house and Line moved to the Sweden house.

Day 9, 6th February 2005:
Norway: Örjan is evicted. Carl Federik survives.
Sweden: Alecko is evicted. Elita survives.
All Housemates now live in the same House.