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Loft/Secret Story France: Your Help Required
In order to help complete the Big Brother archives on this site, I need your help. Listed below is the information I don't have for the Big Brother Arabia show.

If you have, or can obtain some or all of this information I would be delighted to hear from you. The E-Mail link is - HERE

Loft Story 1 France
Full name for David
Profiles for David & Delphine

Loft Story 2 France
Full name for Julia
Reason why Angela & Karine were up for eviction when Lauryne was evicted
Reason why David was not up for eviction when Romain was evicted
Percentages for evictions of Sandra & Kamel

Secret Story 1 (3) France
Full name for Fred

Secret Story 2 (4) France

Secret Story 3 (5) France
Profile details for all Housemates
Percentages for the eviction of Daniela

Secret Story 4 (6) France
Full name for Laura

Secret Story 5 (7) France