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Big Brother Denmark: Your Help Required
In order to help complete the Big Brother archives on this site, I need your help. Listed below is the information I don't have for the Big Brother Arabia show.

If you have, or can obtain some or all of this information I would be delighted to hear from you. The E-Mail link is - HERE

Big Brother 1 Denmark
Additional pictures of Anna
Percentages for the evictions of Eva, John & Eddie
Who voted for who in the Anna eviction vote

Big Brother 2 Denmark
Percentages for the evictions of Tina, Dina, René, Ghazal & Sheila
Date that Martin entered the House
Date that Aida re-entered the House, percentages & name of others in the vote
Percentages for the public nominations of Aida and Martin on 1st November
Who nominated who for when Randi and Ghazal were nominated
Full names for Martin, René, Sheila, Sverre & Tina
Profile details for Martin

Big Brother 3 Denmark
Full names for all Housemates (except Clara, Johnni & June)
Percentages for The Final

Big Brother VIP1 Denmark
Who nominated who for all rounds of nominations
Days of all nominations and evictions
Percentages for all evictions

Big Brother Reality All Stars 1 Denmark
Full names for Lotte & Allando
Dates of the nominations and evictions
Percentages for all evictions