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Big Brother Albania: Your Help Required
In order to help complete the Big Brother archives on this site, I need your help. Listed below is the information I don't have for the Big Brother Albania shows.

If you have, or can obtain some or all of this information I would be delighted to hear from you. The E-Mail link is - HERE

Big Brother 1 Albania
Full names for all Housemates except Arbėr
Additional pictures for all Housemates

Big Brother 2 Albania
Full names for Anjeza, Antonin & Elton
Who nominated who in round 12 (Day 78)
Percentages for when Anjeza was saved on Day 85
Percentages for the eviction of Arjan
Percentages for the final.

Big Brother 3 Albania
Full names for Bledar, Eridiona, Mandi & Renato
Additional pictures for all Housemates
Percentages for the final.

Big Brother 4 Albania
Full names for Ervin, Imelda, Olger, Toros & Vladimir
Additional pictures for Alkena, Alma, Fatjona, Faton, Hėnes, Imelda, Jonela, Kreshnik, Mariel, Mirjeta, Olger, Petrit, Shkelqim & Vladimir

Big Brother 5 Albania
Full names for Doloreza, Erion, Gjon, Liam & Lorena
Additional pictures for Besarda

Big Brother 6 Albania
Full names for Xhimi
Additional pictures for Shpendi