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Day 29, Sunday 4th November 2012: Mink enters


Mink has entered the House as a new Housemate.

Day 29, Sunday 4th November 2012: Sampat, Sapna & Vrajesh nominated

Sampat Sapna Vrajesh

Nominations Round 5 Series Total
Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination No. Nom'd
Aashka Captain - - 3 0
Delnaaz 0 Sana Sapna 0 0
Mink Immune - - 0 0
Niketan 2 Sapna Sana 6 0
Rajev 0 Sapna Sana 6 2
Sampat Nominated Sana Sapna 13 2
Sana 7 Sapna Niketan 11 0
Sapna 6 Sana Vrajesh 13 2
Sidhu 0 Sana Vrajesh 0 0
Urvashi 0 Niketan Vrajesh 3 1
Vrajesh 3 Sapna Sana 2 1

Mink was immune as she only entered the House earlier today.

Sana was given a secret mission. She had to try and receive the most nominations. If she succeeded she would be saved from being up for eviction. If she failed she would be automatically up for eviction.

Aashka is the current House Captain and is immune from nominating and being nominated. She had to choose a Housemate who would be automatically up for eviction and she chose Sampat.

Sana passed her secret mission by getting the most nominations with 6 and has been saved.

Sapna (5 nominations), Vrajesh (3) and Sampat (auto) are the Housemates up for eviction this week.
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