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Day 99, Monday 14th April 2008: Mari ejected


Mari has been ejected from the House for rule breaking.

He discussed and influenced nominations by attempting to persuade the Housemates to nominate him which is strictly against the rules.

Mari is the third Housemate to be kicked out of the Big Brother 8 Germany house. Only once before in Big Brother world history have 3 Housemates been ejected in the same edition and that was during the 363 day Big Brother 6.

Day 99, Monday 14th April 2008: Alex and Serafino nominated

Alex Serafino

Housemate Number Nomination
Old HM
New HM
Old Housemates
Alex 2 Isi Serafino
Caro 0 Isi Tanja
Hassan 2 Isi Nora
Isi 7 Immune Hassan Serafino
Kevin 1 Isi Serafino
Marcel Schi. 0 Isi Serafino
New Housemates
Franco 3 Kevin Serafino
Mandy Immune Isi Serafino
Nora 1 Isi Franco
Serafino 7 Alex Franco
Steffi 0 Hassan Franco
Tanja 1 Alex Serafino

Mandy was immune as a new Housemate and Isi won immunity in a public vote.

Thie week, the Housemates made 2 nominations. The first nomination was for an "old Housemate" and the second nomination was for a "new Housemate". The new Housemates were those that entered on or after Day 64.

Serafino (7) received the most nominations out of the new Housemates and is up for eviction.

Alex (2) and Hassan (2) received the most nominations out of the old Housemates. However, only one can be up for eviction.

The public voted for which should be up for eviction and they decided to nominate Alex.

This means that Alex and Serafino are the Housemates up for eviction this week.

Nominations 8 Nominations 8 Nominations 8