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Big Brother 6 Germany

Start Date: 1st March 2005
End Date: 26th February 2006
Duration: 363

The Finalists: 6 - Michael (The Winner), Thomas (Runner-up), Denis (3rd), Ginny (= 4th), Heike H (= 4th) & Torsten (= 4th)

Evicted Housemates: 39 - Alex, André, Anke, Anna, Beate, Benjamín, Bernadette, Bettina, Bianca, Birgit, Cathy, Christopher, Daniela, Dinorah, Frank, Gina, Giuseppe, Heike S, Ivan, Jessie, Juanita, Larissa, Ludger, Manuela, Marcel, Marco, Martin, Michelle, Nina, Norman, Nugy, Parsifal, Said, Sascha, Sharon, Shire, Sylvia, Thorsten & Yousef

Voluntary Exits: 11 - Anastasja, Danni, Farah, Gregor, Janice, Jasmin, Leyla, Marion, Melanie, Nicole & Tim

Ejected Housemates: 3 - Ali, Charly & Gerry

• Big Brother: Das Dorf (meaning The Village), is also known as Big Brother Forever, as there was no end date. The show ran indefinitely until poor ratings brought it to an end 2 days less than the duration of BB5.
• Guiseppe was the winner of the 250,000 Euro Jackpot in August 2005
• Nicole & Ali were also housemates in Big Brother 5 Germany
• Frank and Ginny are father and daughter.
• Ludger and Marion are a married couple.
• Beate and Birgit are identical twins.