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Secret Story 5(7) France

Start Date   7th July 2011 *
End Date   14th October 2011
Duration   100 Days
The Prize   not known
Broadcaster   TF1
Main Presenter   Benjamin Castaldi
Official Website   http://www.tf1.fr/secret-story/
The Finalists 4 Marie (The Winner), Zelko (Runner-up), Aurélie (3rd) & Geoffrey (4th)
Evicted Housemates 13 Anthony, Ayem, Daniel, Geof, Jonathan, Julie, Juliette, Morgan, Morgane, Rudy, Sabrina, Simon & Zarko
Voluntary Exits 1 Marie-Josée
Ejected Housemates 0 -
Note * TV launch date was 8th July 2011