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Big Brother VIP 2 Belgium

Start Date: August 2006
End Date: September 2006
Duration: 10 days

The Finalists: 3 - Pim (The Winner), Jo (Runer-up) & Cynthia (3rd)

Evicted Housemates: 8 - Afi, An, David, Ingrid, Ivan, Javier, Tim & Vandana

Voluntary Exits: 1 - Petra

NOTE: The show took place over 10 days during end August - begining September 2006, the events were kept secret. Each of the 10 days will be shown in 10 weekly episodes starting from 12th October 2006 to 28th December 2006 (no episodes shown on 19th October or 23rd November).

Format: A daily competition will be held, the winner will be the "Big Boss". Housemates will then nominate and the Housemates with the most nominations will be up for eviction. The Big Boss will decide which of the nominees will be evicted. An eviction will take place every day for the first 9 days, leaving 3 finalists on day 10.