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Big Brother 6 Belgium

Start Date: 7th March 2007
End Date: 4th June 2007

Duration: 90 days

Prize: 81,000 Euro

The Finalists: 4 - Diana (The Winner), Martin (Runner-up), Hanne (3rd) & Dennis (4th)

Evicted Housemates: 14 - Astrid, Benjamin, Dimitri, Evelien, Hendrik, Kevin, Mario, Mutz, Naiomi, Nicolas, Roberto, Teresa, Virginie & Veronique

Voluntary Exits: 2 - Ginie & Nathalie

Note: Mario & Dimitri are father & son by adoption
Note: Ginie & Nathalie are cousins
Note: Kevin & Virginie are married
Note: Evelien & Hanne are sisters
Note: Johan & Nathalie S are moles & not real Housemates (click on their pictures to see a profile)
Johan Nathalie S