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Day 64, Sunday 9th May 2010: Borisenko and Dima nominated

Borisenko Dima

Erika and Shurins were the highest ranked contestants last week and are given immunity from next weeks eviction.

The remaining 4 contestants were split into pairs - Borisenko and Vladimir in one pairing, Dima and Oleksey in the other pairing.

The public voted for their favourite out of each pair. Vladimir and Oleksey received the most votes and were saved (percentages not known).

This means that Borisenko and Dima are the contestants up for eviction this week.

Contestant Status
Borisenko Nominated
Dima Nominated
Erika Immune
Oleksey Saved
Shurins Immune
Vladimir Saved

The public also voted for which evicted contestant could return to the Academy. They had the choice of Alice, Boris, Elizabet, Max, Nikola, Olya, Regina, Vadim and Vitaly.

Boris received the most public votes and was allowed to return to the Academy as a full contestant (percentages not known).

However, Boris did not turn up for the live show and his whereabouts was not known. It was later discovered that Boris was in hospital suffering from Anorexia and would be unable to return to the Academy.

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