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Day 57, Sunday 2nd May 2010: Alice, Borisenko and Dima nominated

Each contestant performed during the live show. The all the judges ranked each contestant giving the best 7 points and the worst 1 point. Where there is a tie, those contestants will receive the same ranking.

The public also voted for their favourite, the contestant with the most votes receiving 7 points and the least votes 1 point.

The judges and public points were added together and the bottom three were up for eviction. Where there is a tie it is the public rank that has the casting vote.

The contestants then voted to save one of the nominees. The contestant with the lowest ranking out of the two remaining nominees is evicted.

Alice Borisenko Dima

Alice, Borisenko and Dima were the lowest ranked contestants and are up for eviction. Details of the rankings are revealed after the contestant vote.

Contestant Number Voted to save
Alice 1 -
Borisenko 2 -
Dima 1 -
Erika - Borisenko
Oleksey - Dima
Shurins - Borisenko
Vladimir - Alice

Borisenko received the most save votes with 2 and has been saved by the contestants.

The rankings were then revealed.

Day 57, Sunday 2nd May 2010: Alice evicted

Contestant Judges Rank Public Rank Total Rank
Alice 5 1 6
Borisenko 3 3 6
Dima 3 5 8
Erika 7 4 11
Oleksey 4 6 10
Shurins 3 7 10
Vladimir 7 2 9

Dima received a ranking of 8 and Alice received 6. Alice is the ninth contestant to be evicted from Fabrika Superfinal 1 Ukraine.


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