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Fabrika Superfinal 1 Ukraine

Special thanks to Joako for helping with this edition

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Fabrika Superfinal 1 Ukraine

Start Date   7th March 2010
End Date   23rd May 2010
Duration   78 Days
Type   All Star edition
The Prize   not known
Broadcaster   Novy TV
Main Presenter   not known
Official Website   http://novy.tv/fabrika3/
The Finalists 3 Oleksey (The Winner), Erika (Runner-up) & Dima (3rd)
Evicted Contestants 12 Alice, Boris, Borisenko, Elizabet, Max, Nikola, Olya, Regina, Shurins, Vadim, Vitaly & Vladimir
Voluntary Exits 1 Eva
Ejected Contestants 0  
Notes * Borisenko are identical twin brothers Alexander & Vladimir who are playing as a joint contestant