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Day 22, Friday 12th March 2010: Aline evicted

Tahra received the most votes and has been saved by the public.

Bassel received the most contestant votes with 9 and has been saved by the contestants. Tahra had the casting vote as it was 8-8.

Contestant Number Voted to save
Abdul - Aline
Aline 8 -
Asma - Aline
Badriya - Aline
Bassel 9 -
Haitham - Bassel
Mahmoud - Aline
Mehdi - Bassel
Miral - Aline
Mohammad A - Bassel
Mohammad R - Bassel
Nassif - Bassel
Rahma - Bassel
Rami - Aline
Rania - Bassel
Rayan - Aline
Sultan - Bassel
Tahra Saved Bassel
Zeina - Aline


Aline from Lebanon is the third contestant to be evicted from Star Academy 7 Arabia.

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