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Day 8, Friday 26th February 2010: Jack evicted

Salwa received the most votes and has been saved by the public.

Aline received the most contestant votes with 10 and has been saved by the contestants (Salwa had the casting vote as it was 9-9).

Contestant Number Voted to save
Abdul - Jack
Aline 9 -
Asma - Aline
Badriya - Aline
Bassel - Jack
Haitham - Jack
Jack 10 -
Mahmoud - Jack
Mehdi - Jack
Miral - Jack
Mohammad A - Jack
Mohammad R - Aline
Nassif - Jack
Rahma - Aline
Rami - Aline
Rania - Aline
Rayan - Aline
Salwa Saved Aline
Sultan - Jack
Tahra - Aline
Zeina - Aline


Jack from Lebanon is the first contestant to be evicted from Star Academy 7 Arabia.

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